Shoes Galore

3:52 PM

My MIL took us to the Prime Outlets in Grove City couple of weeks ago and bought shoes for Jake and Justine. I love shopping at Outlet mall lots of boutique and stores laid out to you plus sales and discounts and no tax. She bought this shoes for the buckaroo.

And she bought a Maryjane shoes for the lamb chop and paid for the these tights that I picked. I also found this nice sneaker for Justine which is perfect for next summer and bought a spider man shoes for the buckaroo. Justine also received a pretty hand me downs from Fifi (kathy's daughter) that she adored.

My lil lamb chop love shoes I noticed that one time when I took off this boots and she put up a fight. And then if she sees her shoes she handed it to me and point to her feet which mean she wants it on.

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