The Amanda Show

11:02 AM

Guest written by our friend Solomon Thompson
One of the biggest stand-out cast members from Nickelodeon's hit sketch comedy show, All That!, was a young girl name Amanda Bynes. She had a lot of success from All That! with her various sketches including ones where she portrayed Ross Perot and the girl who would freak out in her bed while reading fan mail.
Amanda was such a big hit on All That! that she wound up with her own show called the Amanda Show. Her show was a lot like All That! because it was also a sketch comedy show and she even had guest stars from other Nickelodeon shows on quite often. In fact, one of the main characters of her show actually got his own show after that as well. It was like a crazy cycle of spin-offs back then, but they were all big hits with viewers.
The Amanda Show was really funny most of the time and it was fun watching this pretty little girl act so silly all the time. She actually went on to star in quite a few movies and other television shows like What I Like About You. The Amanda Show hasn't been on for a long time but I still watch it on satellite TV from bestchoicetv.com. It's sad to think that just recently Amanda Bynes retired from acting to focus on other things.

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