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Every time I see someone wearing scrubs it made me wonder if she/he a doctor, nurse or medical assistant. And sometimes it made me wish I have that kind of job so I could wear scrub too and I could work night shift. However, I just found out couple of weeks ago that there is a dental clinic and small nursing home close by our house. It is located few blocks from our street. I happened to notice it because I was walking going to the park and passed that particular corner then saw two women wearing medical scrub clothing like the blue scrub. They're sitting on the steps while taking a break I supposed. I'm thinking of checking out that place to see if there's any vacant position.

Before, you only see nurses and doctors wearing white uniform and blue scrubs. But now you will nurses and doctors wearing scrubs in fashion. Very innovative eh! Visit and check out their wide selection of scrubs and medical uniform. They even have dickies medical uniform if you prefer branded scrubs. BlueSkyscrub has different styles and color of nursing uniform, scrubs and medical scrub to choose from. You can find everything you need at their website for a very reasonable price that you could possibly imagine. Shop now and include new styles of medical scrub to your collection.

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