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Maple candies

12:23 PM

Guest post written by Chris Lee

When it starts getting cold outside there's something that I start craving so much that I just can't stand it until I get my hands on it. And that's maple candy.

When I was little I would stay with my grandparents in the afternoons after school until my parents got home from work and every time I eat some fo that candy it reminds me of staying at their house and all of the good times that I had with them. So once I pulled out my winter coat last week I went on my clear internet and decided to look up and buy some maple candy.

Now it took me a while to find some that reminded me of exactly what my grandmother used to give me but I found some maple candy that I think was just right for what I was looking for and she used to give me.

So I ordered a bunch of it to last me a long time because I canÕt find any in stores where I live, not any thatÕs supposed to be as good as that brand.

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