Birthday Bash

Burn's Birthday Bash Contest

3:52 PM

Burn's will be celebrating her 30th birthday this coming October 7, 2010 and this birthday bash contest is her kind way to say thank you to all her friends who supported and followed her blogs. Just follow the simple steps and you'll have good chance to win a whoooping 50 bucks. So come on and join the contest.

Prizes and Sponsors:

First Prize:

$ 25 via paypal

1000 EC credits (My Wishlist and Lifestyle and homemaking

3 months 125×125 Ad Space Scrap Collection, Slogged Over Leisure

3 pcs. of lipgloss (Dhemz)

2nd Prize

$ 15 dollars via paypal

500 EC Credits

2 months Ads Space 125x 125 Mapeh Org

2 pcs. lip gloss (Dhemz)

3rd Prize

$10 dollars via paypal

200 EC credits

1 month space 125 x 125 Babycoy


Slogged Over LeisureMapeh Org Lumad Basakanon Babycoy

Multiple blogs are welcome. Just follow all the required tasks pre blog.

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