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Playing Tennis is a Couples Thing

10:13 AM

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

Playing tennis has been a passion of mine for over twenty years. I truly enjoy the structure and the competitiveness of the game. It is a game that brings out the best of my abilities and my partner's abilities. We are so competitive together.

My partner has always been my wife. She is an excellent athlete. She can serve the ball and direct it to any part of the court she wants, which makes it very difficult for me to figure out where the ball is going. She has an excellent backhand crosscourt shot. I get quite a workout playing with her.

We like to go play at our local high school. It has eight courts that are well kept. Sometimes, on a good weather evening, it is hard to get a court because of all the people that are playing. But, we will wait for one to open.

Another reason I love to play tennis is sometimes I get to play a round of doubles with another group on a court next to us. This is just another way to have fun playing tennis. But, as always, I set my home security alarm I found at before I go to play just to be safe.

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