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People idolize that pretty faces in hollywood but this celebrity wasted their life with too much alcohol, drugs and other stupidity they get into. They never value their fans as much as they never value their lives. Take Lindsay Lohan for example. She was a sweet kid when she started in showbiz and made lots of hit movies. I used to like this girl but look at her now? She just got out from jail and I think she is going back inside again for violating her DUI probation. She is still young and have the possibility to be popular again if she is well and sober. If you know someone who seek help and looking for drug alcohol treatment, you can refer them to los angeles detox rehabs. Malibu Horizon is one of the best drug alcohol detox, rehab and treatment centers in the Los Angeles area. Alcohol and drugs can ruin your life if you over use it. If you can't drink moderately then don't drink alcohol at all.

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