The Perfect Autumn Day

11:00 AM

Guest post written by Sidney Owens

Fall is an especially enchanting time of year. The leaves have all changed color, the air is crisp and cool and the shouts of children and families walking amongst the falling leaves enchant flutter past like butterflies. In light of all of this my favorite thing to do during the fall is to go eat picnic lunches with my family. Under the gold and brown leaves of the trees all the worries of the other seasons disappear, the cold of winter, the heat of summer and the allergies that come during the spring just all melt away from the radiant beauty of the fall. After a nice picnic with my family I like to walk along next to a nearby lake where the koi fish swim by so majestically just under the emerald green surface of the water. Then we ride back home through the city in our convertible, taking turns listening to each of our favorite songs as we go. After a perfect day I sit down with my family and we all watch our favorite programs on our satellite tv from

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