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Lookin for Our Lost Shaker of Salt!

10:53 AM

Guest post written by Jenny Jacobs

My husband and I took a road trip down to Alabama to see Jimmy Buffett play a big show. It’s safe to say that we are Parrotheads, since we’ve followed Jimmy around the U.S. for years!

It was a long travel to Alabama from North Carolina, but seeing Jimmy play is always worth it for us. It’s been great that Bill and I have had his music to share for over thirty years, and it’s even better getting the opportunity to share it live. There’s nothing like it.

On the way Bill decided to take a hearing test Auburn. He loves Jimmy’s music almost more than I do, and he wasn’t going to drive all this way only to not be able to hear the music. I wouldn’t blame him—if I were in that situation, I’d do the same thing.

Just like all the times we’ve seen him, Jimmy was great in Alabama. He really knows how to draw people and work a crowd. My husband and I were ecstatic throughout that whole show, and we were honestly sad it had to end. Where he goes next, you can bet we are going to follow.

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