Goodies from Blogging Friends

7:12 AM

Isn't it great to find good friends online even if you haven't meet them in person? Im one of the lucky bloggers who meet nice mommies that shares the same interest and blogged about their family and kids. This is a long overdue post but I wouldn't let end the month without thanking these pretty mommies. I received a new and handy tripod from tsang Dhemz. I already have tripod but it's big to carry and this one is really cute and handy. Thank you tsang. And a pretty mommy Sis Kathy from Louisiana sent me a package of hand-me-downs which are all beautiful. My lamb chop love the shoes so much. And then MamiLu sent Jake a Robot DVD. My buckaroo is fascinated with Robots and gets excited watching it. Thank you so much mommies from the bottom of our hearts.

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