'Dora' actress claims she was cheated

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'Dora The Explorer' Lawsuit Alleges Star was Cheated out of 'Millions'. This is the news i read ay yahoo.TV blog

Think of how many Dora fans all over the world and how much money the show earned for how many years. Dora is such a big hit to most toddler and kids. Nickelodeon's "Dora the Explorer" is the innocent story of an inquisitive little girl who navigates the world with the canny use of a talking backpack, a talking map, and a monkey. (The monkey also talks.) Thus, the voice behind Dora claim to be cheated out of the potential income of the show.

The New York Daily News reports that the show's star — 14-year-old Caitlin Sanchez, the voice of Dora — has brought a lawsuit against Nickelodeon, claiming that she has been cheated out of potential income from the show. According to Sanchez's lawyer, John Balestriere, the contract Sanchez was (allegedly) pressured to sign — not just by representatives of Nickelodeon but by her own agent — was "convoluted and inscrutable," and cheats her out of "millions, possibly tens of millions" of profits he feels she is entitled to. The suit also claims that Sanchez was threatened with the loss of the role if she didn't sign her contract as is — which, under the circumstances, might have been especially alarming.

Sanchez is not the first actress to voice Dora: Kathleen Herles originated the role, but left the show in 2008. In an interview with the voice-actor blog,, Herles says she retired as Dora upon her graduation from high school, saying it had been a challenge to maintain her "7-year-old voice."

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