My New Camera

6:30 PM

We were at the porch when a package from Dhemz arrived. I knew it was the camera that I bought from her. It was a nice camera and she gave me a good discount on it with complete accessories. That was a great deal I would say. This is my new baby now that I adopted from Dhemz hehe. It's a Fujifilm finepix 1500 or semi DSLR. Although, I already have new camera I still need to buy a new digital camera that is handy and small. I'm still looking for cameras online and haven't decided yet of what kind and brand of camera I want to buy. This digital camera that I have been using for more than 3 years now has started showing its age and aside from that the wire that will be inserted or connected to the USB port was deform because Jake bit it. It was a long story on how it got to his mouth and played with it while watching his morning cartoons.

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