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Before my computer got infected by virus I won numbers of auctions from Listia. Then, when i got a new computer I won two auctions. I checked the site once in a while now looking for great finds to bid. I really do love this Revlon lipsticks that i got from the seller Alicia of It's pretty and it's the kind of color that matches my complexion. Aside from that it's Revlon. Come on, who doesn't love Revlon?! It's one of the best product there is. I also like the snuggie which keeps me warm this chilly weather. The yoyo...hmmm well its history now. jake broke it. The sandal, was the auction that i never got because my computer died when i won the auction and never got the chance to check if i won. Oh well better luck next time. So, if you are up for freebies and goodies then, sign up at Listia now and start collecting credits by listing an auction, sharing it to facebook and twitter, and referral.

Listia is a new kind of auction site where you bid on other people's stuff using credits instead of real money. They make it easy for you to give away stuff you don't need anymore and get stuff you want in return for free. If you enjoy giving and getting items for free, then you'll love Listia! So, check it out now!

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