Halloween Costume

Most Popular Kids' Halloween Costumes

11:32 PM

GoodHousekeeping.com have posted these ghoulish guises are the top-selling children's Halloween costumes. Data courtesy of National Retail Federation. Everybody is ready for Trick or treat!


Princess Costume
Princess Halloween Costume

Princess — #1 Children's Costume

Cinderella Princess Costume available at Buy.com

Witch Costume
Witch Halloween Costume

Witch — #2 Children's Costume

Spider-Man Costume
Halloween Costume

Spider-Man — #3 Children's Costume

Spider-Man Muscle Toddler Costume available at BuyCostumes.com or call (800) 459-2969

Pirate Costume
Pirate Halloween Costume

Pirate — #4 Children's Costume

Boys Pirate Captain Costume Elite available at Party City: PartyCity.com
or call (877) PARTYCITY ((877) 727-8924)

Pumpkin Costume
Halloween Costume

Pumpkin — #5 Children's Costume

Pumpkin Toddler Costume available at BuyCostumes.com
or call (800) 459-2969

Vampire Costume
Halloween Costume

Vampire — #6 Children's Costume

Princess Tiana Costume
Princess Tiana
Halloween Costume

Princess Tiana — #7 Children's Costume

Star Wars Costume
General Grievous
Halloween Costume

Star Wars — #8 Children's Costume

Tinkerbell Costume
Tinker Bell
Halloween Costume

Tinker Bell — #9 Children's Costume

Batman Costume
Batman Halloween Costume

Batman — #10 Children's Costume

Athlete Costume
Athlete Halloween Costume

Athlete — #11 Children's Costume

Ghost Costume
Ghost Halloween Costume

Ghost — #12 Children's Costume

Cat Costume
Cat Halloween Costume

Cat — #14 Children's Costume

Iron Man Costume
Iron Man
Halloween Costume

Iron Man — #15 Children's Costume

We bought my dragons Halloween Costume three weeks ago from target. Jake got the #3 in the list of popular kids costume while Justine is a princess. This costume became the popular ones because they're the only cool costume available hehehe. You can visit shopping.yahoo for links of store to buy this stuff. You still have one week to get some costume of your lil goblin and pirate

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