Sleepy Mode

7:33 PM

Yes, I am so sleepy right now. I am having mental block and can't think of any decent post to share right now. I don't have dark circles under eyes but i sure do have huge eye bags from lack of sleep. I go to bed past twelve and got up at 6:00 in the morning. Sometimes I wake up earlier than 3:00 o clock in the morning because of Justine. For this past couple of days my little lambchob had been waking us up early because she wants to play. Then, the little buckaroo also has the habit of transferring to our bed at the middle of the night. So, when these two are in bed they kick each other and making noises. This is the reason why I am always tired and not able to bloghop. I plan of going to bed early tonight but I think that would be impossible because I still have task to finish. I have to finish these tonight because I have Doctor's appointment tomorrow. Oh! Brother, help me. I need rest very badly. I want to switch my sleepy mode to alert mode. hehehe

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