Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

10:16 PM

Have you heard about belly dancing as form of exercise in burning belly fat? Perhaps some you heard about it and some did not. Belly dancing is the oldest form of dance to where you isolate different parts of your body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form. It focuses on the hips and pelvic rather than in the legs or feet. It can burn your fat and lose weight in belly dancing. Some aerobics gym uses this as exercise to their client who wanted to burn fat. I used to go to the gym before when I was single and I'm telling you most of my mates in the gym love to attend the belly dancing aerobic session. There are some aerobics instructors who are very creative in creating dance moves and incorporating belly dancing to some of the exercise they usually do to have a fun and enjoyable aerobics session. So in case you in a journey of burning that belly fat you might want to try this exercise. You can buy a belly dancing CD or music and do it on your own at home. Good luck and enjoy!

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