Charice on 'Glee'

10:26 PM

Source:Yahoo Philippines

...Is only just a rumor. Charice had no idea where that rumor came from and the manager sort of denied even if the said report was quoting Charice's Philippine manager Grace Mendoza. Charice reacted to a newspaper report saying that the pint-sized singer is set to join the next season of "Glee.". The said actress already clarified the issue that over twitter that it was just a humor and that she has no idea about her manager's statement and added that her manager could have been confused.

Charice is a Filipina singer who guested at Oprah and Ellen Degeneres after that fantastic performance she had at one of the Asian countries. She became known and pride to the Philippines for being a good singer at her young age and size. Oprah loves that girl and wowed with her great voice. While "Glee" is the hit US musical series. It is a good show I would say. And if ever that humor is true, charice would be the lucky pinay to be part of the show. Too bad it was just a humor. It means it's not true folks. So, quit gossiping about that poor kid. Give her a break.

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