Girls Bestfriend

1:18 PM

Girls have lots of fancy things they want to have. We want shoes, bags, dresses, and likes. We also love perfume and jewelry. We like pearl, diamonds, silver, gold, sterling and anything that is fancy. It's part of our fashion. It maybe traditional or latest item we don't care as long as it fits to our likes and style. As for me, I like everything I have mention above and I also love diamonds. I think every woman does. Diamonds are girl's best friend. No one can resist diamond.

I had a friend back home who sells jewelry. I ordered a gold ring with diamond in the middle. I pictured out in my mind that the diamond would be big enough as it was sort of expensive. A month after my order had arrived but the diamond was very tiny. It was a real diamond and yes it was very nice. I had been wearing that ring for 5 years and helped me as well if I'm out of money. I just run to the nearest pawnshop and I got money. Before I left Philippines I gave the ring to my youngest sister because my husband had promise to buy a new ring for me. But I guess promises are made to be broken.

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