Finding Great Deals for a Good Ride

5:40 PM

In this time of economic crisis it's hard to find deals on items that you need and want at the same time. Perhaps, in some shops the most affordable bike you can find will fall in the bracket of $300-$500 as price but i doubt if you can find that low in some known bike shop. We are lucky enough that my MIL have connection. She brought us to this shop where she bought her new bike. Indeed we got everything we want for a very good price. The husband got a bike that he like and rack for a total of a little over $500. The owner also gave us 10% plus free bike accessory. Im also thankful to my super nice MIL as she shouldered all the expenses for the kids carriage. (photo below). This thing cost a lot but it's all worth it. She paid almost $300 including the tax. I'm thinking in some other shop this think will cost that whatwe paid from that shop, so i guess it was still great deal for us.

We came home with a brand new bike for big J, carriage for lil J&J and a bike rack. Since my MIL had new bike she handed to me the old one which is only a year old thus it is still considered new. So, we brought it home as well.

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