American Idol

Lee DeWyze the new American Idol and Island Paradise

8:30 PM

The American Idol Season 9 is finally over, thank God. The crowned winner for this season is none other than Lee DeWyze. honestly, I didn't see any of his performances or if I did i totally forgot because I didn't watch American idol all the time. But I do recognized Crystal Bowersox voice and her performances. I think she is great and I thought she will be the winner. Oh, well not her luck but this girl has a good voice and potential to make it in hollywood. It doesn't matter who will wins i am notactually paying attention. I'd rather focus on my island, and btw I upgraded it to the last size or upgrades.

Too bad this game is not as good as before because most of the items saved in the inventory had lost and my barn went down to level 1. I still play the island paradise but don't take it too seriously. I had to hit the hay folks my eyes is half shut now. good night and have a great day tomorrow. I didn't finish bloghopping today, i think i only visited few. I hope to visit all of you tomorrow.

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