Save the Boxes

11:14 PM

I had been shopping online and some of the shipment was placed in a box. I save the boxes for future use like sending packages to friend or relative. That would save me money to buy boxes at the post office. Speaking of boxes, if you have business online and you need boxes for the items bought by your customer, you should check out the cool custom cardboard boxes online. You can use this kind of boxes when you mail orders to your online buyer. It will save you money and energy. The boxes at the post office even if they say flat rate which means no matter how heavy you package as long as it fit inside they will ship it. But the problem is the flat rate boxes only work any where in the county. So, if you mail package to other country you get charge. You better check out the website I gave you so you can save and use great custom shipping boxes. Check it out now!

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