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Meet Prince and J-Fox

10:02 AM

These are the dogs we have back home right now. Two of them died due to old age. J-fox is the one with brown and white color. He looks so lonely in that picture. Now he is big and on the leash all the time. Prince Charming is the new member of the family. I think he is a shih-tzu (shitzu) dog. That's what I've heard from my sister who takes care of this little puppy. It was my other sister who bought that puppy and shoulders all the expenses for the maintenance. I believe they are looking right now for a housebreaking puppy program so Prince will learn how to use potty. I am not sure if they found that kind of program in the Philippines since having a dog over there is not as strict compared in the US. There is a law for stray dogs over there in the Philippines but some people don't follow it. There are lots of stray dogs and cats in the Philippines and very common to see dog crap everywhere. Prince still a little over two months old and he doesn't like indoor dog potty. They had to buy him a dog potty so he won't have to go outside but Prince doesn’t like using it. My parents adored this little pup. They had to be quick in taking prince outside if he wants to go potty or pee. It would make life easier for them if Prince learn to potty inside instead of doing his business anywhere in the house. Living in the city is hard if you have a puppy like prince who demands high maintenance from food to TLC. He is lucky because my parents and sister is longing for little kids in the house. Their grand children are million miles away from them. So they baby prince even if crap here and there.

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