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9:45 PM

The mall is having sale today until tomorrow. Some store are offering 25%, 40% 50% and 70%. One cool thing about buying clothing in Penssylvania is there's no tax. I went to macy because I had 20% gift card given to me by a friend I met at macy's I didn't get what I want there which is the bag because it was still expenssive despite of it 40% sale. So, i got a blouse for $29.99 and paid $14.50 cool huh!

New York & Company is having 50% of in all items. Everything are 50% so it was a great deal for me to buy bag, sandal, short and purse and paid $45.

I wish I have tons of money for shopping, too bad I only had enough. But well it was still a great shopping for me and my Justine.

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