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I Need New Vacuum

2:13 PM

Since i got here in the US i already broke two vacuum cleaners. The first one was an old vacuum cleaner that my husband was using for 5 years already. It broke when I used it because lots of hair strands stuck in the wheels. Then when we moved to a new apartment we bought a new one. It was a cheap vacuum though and won't pick up all the dirt in the carpet. So, we threw it out because it won't pick up dirt anymore and hubby secretly blaming me for breaking it. It was not broken and not working well either. It didn't pick up dirt instead it blows the dirt and dust out. This vacuum is still new. But when the husband used this to vacuum the leaves from that fir tree last Christmas, the vacuum won’t pick up dirt anymore. This vacuum works once in a while but I have to clean the inside first, lift it up so those dirt that stuck underneath will fall off and pull the hairs strands every time i use it. I need a new vacuum. I want a vacuum that will last for five more years.

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