Watching Football

7:16 PM

I posted in my sports blog a photos of Steelers game or football game played in Heinz Field. We just happened to pass by in the area that was near the Heinz Field and I got a good look of how full the stadium was during that game. My husband told me that Steelers tickets had already been sold ages ago. If any under circumstances you able to get ticket for Steelers game which is impossible, chances are you won't get the front seat. Well you can take your binocular with you so, you will have a good look of the game. Anyway, football fanatics would do everything just to watch the game of their favorite team. Take Steelers fans for example. They celebrate the team's victory if they win but if they lose they also sympathize. Steelers fans are very loyal and supportive. They take every Steelers game seriously. Since the beginning of football season my husband always in front of the TV watching football and taking in charge of the remote control.

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