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Homemade gifts for the family

3:11 PM

Guest post written by Emma Bennett
I always love getting a homemade gift from someone that I know that they spent a lot of time into, especially when it's some really good food! So I decided that this year I would make some stuff to give away too, but I'm getting started on it now to get ahead of the game.
I went looking online or some inspiration on what to make when I came across some direct tv internet prices that looked better than the ones from the internet provider that I've been using for the past coupe of years, so I decided to switch our service.
So I haven't quite figured out a homemade gift for everyone, but I have a few ideas floating around in my head that I think are going to be really great. I think that for my friends that have a major sweet tooth, IÕm going to make them some candy cane and white chocolate candy bark. I made some similar stuff around Halloween with candy corn and it turned out really well. IÕm also going to make some cute bags to put them in.

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