For her and for him

8:07 AM

Does your son like to wear hats? Unfortunately, my buckaroo doesn't. He used to like wearing hat when he was months old. My sister in Vegas sent them couple of new things. She said it was on sale. She like to grabbed sale items on the shelves which is not a bad idea. Jake doesn't like the hat and it's too big for him. The lamb chop however love the boots. Chel called and asked for Justine's feet size because she saw this boots on sale for $4.99. Without second thought she grabbed only to find out that the original price was $29.99. Good thing the lamb chop loves it otherwise the Aunt would be very upset for wasting that big amount for nothing. Justine is obsessed with shoes. At her young age she shows fascinations with shoes. Every time she sees her shoes on the table or floor she would just come to me and asked me to put it on her feet.

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