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Enjoying the Fall Romance

7:50 AM

This guest post from Lewis Beck
My husband and I have been married for almost a decade now! Since Fall is our favorite season, we always go for a walk downtown during this time to enjoy the beautiful views that Fall offers.
Fall is such a romantic season; it has a vast array of colors to offer along with a comfortable climate. To keep our marriage healthy and strong, we always try to stick to a few traditional dates that we started our relationship out with. Taking romantic and peaceful walks downtown during the Fall always helps remind us of how our relationship began. Because we have learned to be more responsible now, we always make sure to set our home security alarm from before heading out.
We are planning on heading out tomorrow for our traditional stroll around downtown during the Fall. I can't wait to hold hands the way we used to when we first began dating. Every time we pass by the museum, we are reminded of our first kiss standing over beautifully colored leaves making soft crunching noises.
It's the simple things in life that matter most and taking our traditional stroll during the Fall reminds us to think young and happy thoughts the way we used to. Enjoying the Fall romance is something that we will always treasure; romance helps make our marriage stronger and more durable.

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