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Iconic Products That America Doesn't Make Anymore

8:28 AM

I just read an interesting article over at yahoo news. It was the 19 Iconic Products That America Doesn't Make Anymore. I checked what are these long list of iconic products that aren't made anywhere in America in anymore. Surprisingly, my favorite brand of shoes and jeans was one in the list. Click the link to read more about the article.

I grew up dreaming to have had own Converse and Levi's but unfortunately, my parents can't afford to buy these item. When I was working I still can't afford to buy one. I got my first original Levi's when i was 27 years old and I bust my ass off to save money to buy this kind of jeans. Of course it is made in America. There was something in the name that made us people from foreign country wants to have that "Made In America" products. It's authentic, genuine and imported. But now these iconic products is not made in America anymore.

Converse shoes

Last production date: 2001

Marquis M. Converse opened Converse Rubber Show Company in Massachusetts in 1908. Chuck Taylors– named after All American high school basketball player Chuck Taylor– began selling in 1918 as the show eventually produced an industry record of over 550 million pairs by 1997. But in 2001 sales were on the decline and the U.S. factory closed. Now Chuck Taylors are made in Indonesia.

Levi jeans

Last production date: Dec. 2003

Levi Strauss & Co. shut down all its American operations and outsourced production to Latin America and Asia in Dec. 2003. The company's denim products have been an iconic American product for 150 years.

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