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A Family Trip To The Library

6:40 PM

Contribution by German Flowers
On a Saturday afternoon, one of my families favorite activities is to visit the public library. Though I live in a small town, the local library has so much to offer. With a wide selection of books my children often find so many things to occupy their time.
Another thing that my children love at our local library is the vast array of educational videos and dvd's that can be checked out. National geographic videos are one of the favorite things that my six year old son loves to watch, and for my four year old son any thing dealing with dinosaurs enthralls him. I know that while we are at the library, I can find something to make each member of my family happy.
Whenever I am not sure of what to do on a Saturday afternoon, I know that I can lock up the house and set the home security alarm from then drive off into town. The library is an excellent place to spend the afternoon. All of my family enjoys this trip.

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