Earth's Sexiest Couple

7:25 AM

People Magazine named Ryan Reynolds its 2010 "Sexiest Man Alive." And just two days ago, Johansson was anointed GQ's "Babe of the Year.". This article was being confirmed by nation's magazines and published at OMG! yahoo news

While most couples are bracing for the stress of the upcoming holidays this week -- hoping to hit the gym a few extra times, eating one less scoop of low-fat ice cream after dinner perhaps -- one assumes Johansson and Reynolds are just floating through their spacious loft, their skin emanating with a bright glow as doves sing hymns to them. The faucet of their sink probably runs with champagne.

However, considering Reynolds and Johansson's unfathomable hotness and the previous shoots they've done, GQ and People aren't exactly blowing omg! away with the styling and composition choices they made for their covers here. Both actors are reclining in odd poses in which they look extremely uncomfortable, appearing the way you might position yourself were you forced to sit on the floor to watch a lecture (a really hot and sexy lecture, of course). The camera seems zoomed in too close on Johansson; too zoomed out on Reynolds. In terms of attire, Reynolds looks dressed for a day of Saturday chores around the house; Johansson's dress like an army green tennis outfit. Story source-omg!from yahoo

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