Messenger bag

10:50 PM

I checked my facebook this morning and i read and exchanging communication with my sister and her friend Adin. I saw the photo of what they are talking about. I think my sister is ordering a bag from Adin that would look exactly like this (see photo in the right) I found this messenger bag very messenger and unique. My sister just bought a new laptop and she'd been looking online for a perfect bag to fit her lappy. And there she was found the right kind of bag she was searching about. Originally, this is a diaper bag, yep a diaper bag, as what she told me. but what the heck you can transform the bag in for fashionable bag or something unique. Just add some accent and viola! You got yourself a nice bag to carry whenever you on shopping, travel, night clubbing or whatever. My sister call this her multi purpose bag, it can be laptop bag where you can put all your things together. It's like a laptop and a purse combine in one. This would make my sister's travel efficient and convenience. Fabulous!

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