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My favorite activity...the theater

9:02 AM

Guest post from: Errol Duncan
Ever since I was a little kid I have always been a little dramatic. I blame my love of the theater. I have always chosen Evita over Barney, Sound of Music over Mickey Mouse Club and Chicago over Bugs Bunny. So when the opportunity came up for me to see my all time favorite show ever, 42nd Street I was over the moon. I immediately starting thinking about who I would bring. None of my friends are really theater enthusiasts so I decided on my mother. She told me about how she had been to the theater a lot as a child and seemed excited and touched that I had thought to invite her along. The night of the show seemed to take forever to get here. I started planning what I was wearing a week in advance. The New York Theater calls for me to break out my nicest outfits. The night of the show I meet my mother at her house for a little pre-theater snack. We talk some more about our favorite shows, mine 42nd street, hers A Chorus Line. The time finally comes for us to leave. We set the home security alarm (Adt Austin home systems) and head out to enjoy a night of singing, dancing and some great acting. The show was wonderful, the theater beautiful and the company was exquisite.

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