Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes

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Steve Madden Captane Shortie

I bought this last night in fashion vault at eBay for $49.99. I've been looking for flat boots so when I found this imported suede boots Captane Shortie from Steve MaddenI bought it right away without second thought. Captane shortie by Steve Madden features a flat bottom with faux straps and buckles at the ankle to create a scrunch effect at the top of the boot.

About Steve Madden

With years of experience, complete confidence, and unbelievable creativity, Steve Madden created his first shoe designs in a Queens-based factory in 1990. Today, he is known as one of America's most successful shoe designers by his unique and creative designs. Steve Madden's vision is to give young, fashion-worthy women a way to express themselves as individuals and is considered the footwear-fashion mogul of the 21st century.

In my previous post I also showed photos of the long sweater that I wanted to buy at eBay but I was worried with the size that it might came out too big for me. I called my sister first and asked where she usually shop for sweater or coat and she happened to have extra new long coat that her husband planned on donating it to Goodwill. It was new but her husband asked her to pick which one to keep. So, I asked her the other coat and she said to bring it here when she visit us after Thanksgiving. I'm glad i asked first now don't have to buy a new coat. Below is the photo of the long sweater she is planning to give to me.

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