Share a Thirft Hunt

Share A Thrift Hunt #1 - $3 Each

8:03 PM

Thrift Hunting Meme

I found this new meme just launched today where you share a thrifty item that you hunt. I've been inside the house these past weeks and haven't done any shopping to some physical store yet. I did few shopping last month but it was online. I want to give this meme a try if i can keep up. Looks like the team are very thrifty and really smart shoppers. Anyhow, I found these photos of baby dresses in my old old photo folders. I bought this one couple of years ago for Justine. Baby clothing are very expensive we all know that. It gets cheaper as they grow older. I bought these dresses for $3 each. I think I save a little with it because they still look new to me. I bought this at Child Wardrobe at Adults Too where they sell second hand, brand new, used, bargain and old items.

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