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8:21 PM

Care to guess what I woke up to? Two inches of snow! Don't get me wrong, we like snow, especially the kids, but not too much at one time.

It's just that sometimes, having too much of something can be a problem too. Because of the erratic snow, we're thinking of having our car checked. It has been exposed to constant snow since the start of winter that a comprehensive check seems in order. After all, we depend on the car to take us everywhere and it is a must to make sure that it's running perfectly.

Even though our car is not an Acura TL, we still need to have the engine checked just to be sure. We may even request for an oil change and a brake job while we're at it. So before I forget, I need to get in touch with a reliable auto repair shop, like the Houston Auto Repair to set up an appointment for a check up.

Have you had your car checked recently?

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