High Definition TV

10:56 PM

What is True High Definition? I have been asking around about it and people just say that it’s all about the clarity and how pictures or videos have high resolution. I guess this is the purpose of the now-popular HDTV or High Definition TVs.

Having a resolution of 1080p (or pixels) is great, but 1440p? I’m sure watching cartoons, sci-fi flicks, or even nature and animal shows would be great with super fine details on the screen. But as I was trying to learn more about it, I also learned that you would need to have a reliable Optimized Cable Company as well. Having a good cable company is beneficial because you can be sure that all the VGA cables or cat 5 cables that they will use are up-to-date thus maximizing the performance of an HDTV.

With all the on-going sale on LCDs, LEDs and HDTVs, I just might consider getting one of these soon. I’m sure my kids will enjoy their educational TV time more, as well as for hubby and me, watching our favorite series and sports shows.

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