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10:08 AM

Isn't it shopping so cool if you only spent few bucks? Yes it is. Couple of weeks ago I got an offer from one of the promoteam from CSN Stores. Thanks to Jocelyn of course. That promotional code was big enough to buy The Atlanta---Canoe Wood Cabinet National Public Seating--Triple Brace Steel Folding Chair. It arrived on the same week and I set it up right away.

I think they look great. Although you cannot expect to be awesome because they are not that expensive but not bad for the price of 20 bucks. Well, the 20 bucks is the only amount i spent for the taxes and shipping in one of this item. Now we have decent furniture in our living room because what we have here mostly are plastic which you can get at walmart for $17 hehe. CSN Stores has over 200 stores so shopping in there store is always easy. Go shop now!

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