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I wanna stay in bed!

6:18 PM

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

I hear that every first day after winter vacation. It seems that staying in bed is preferred to going to school and I don't blame them. I would rather stay in my nice warm snuggly bed instead of pulling myself up and getting dressed in a cold house to get the children ready for school. Oh but it needs to be done.

After two weeks of “I'm bored” and “There is nothing to do!” I am ready to boot their little behinds out the door and savor my silence. It seems that the new toys for Christmas only lasted one, maybe two days. I can't really prepare for this day, as it comes so fast. It seems that I was rushing to cook for Christmas and then I was rushing to clean for New Year's and then I just vegetate for a couple of days and then it's time for school. I just made sure there are enough drinks, snacks and mayonnaise for sandwiches for the kids, water for my husband and then off we go.

And on that first day back with a big smile on my face, I set my security alarm (specials home security systems) for the house, and took the children back to school.

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