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My Forever Living Experience

10:46 AM

Does anyone of you heard about forever living? Well, back in 2000, it was sort of popular in the Philippines. Lots of people there have registered to becoming a member and a dealer because of their unbelievable experience that most pioneer member have enjoyed. So, I went on their seminar for the first time and there was this trip to Vancouver and other major earnings your will get by selling their products. They have products for colon cleanse that really works, toothpaste for shiny white teeth, and other products to control body odor. I did not earn anything because I am not really good at any business as well as inviting people to join. Forever Living was a networking business so you have to invite more clients as your line up. If they earn, you also earn. I am not sure if that business still exist today since there are too many networking business competition started popping out then.

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