Permalink Change

10:16 AM

As a novice on blogging, I still have lots of things I need to know on how to improve my page rank, html code, blog traffic and SEO. There are different article found online about seo services like the one in rank pay but I don't want to pay any services just to improve my site rank. Besides, I don't have enough money for seo services and my blog is more on personal journal rather than business site. Meanwhile, one of my blogger friend who knows something about seo posted a tip and tutorial on her blog about permalinks. I'm glad she shared about it because all the permalinks in my worppress blog was in default status which is not good for search engine. So, I change it right away with out know that it might affect the previous links I submitted to some paid to blog sites. To make the long story short, I emailed those sites that my blog listed with to let them know about the changes.

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