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11:18 AM

When I started blogging my husband was very skeptical of the idea of earning money with blogging. To earn money was my main reason and second was to have an outlet where I can voice out my frustrations, stress, disappointments, madness, insanity, happiness and feelings. I almost give up in blogging after two weeks I created it because I was running out of topic to talk. After a month, I started earning and I showed to my husband the $15 post that I made. He then started to take in charge with it and helped me by doing paid post only. He also took in charge of my paypal account where the payment should go. So, for one year my husband was keeping track of my earnings. I can't touch any single dollar from it because he already included it in our family budget. Lots of fights we had back then until he got tired and gave my paypal account back to me. I actually offered him a share of 50% to my earnings. I also opened another account but my husband was also want to be with it so we put it in our joint account. I know it sounds unfair but I am still happy and thankful that I got my paypal back and I am in charge of it. After a year of not having full control over it I finally have it back in my hand. It was year 2010, January when I got it back. he had to make sure that the last earning of 2009 will be transferred to the bank. I did tons of shopping when I got my paypal back. That was the year I created this blog as well.

We would like to thank all the sponsors of Pinay Mommy Online's Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

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