Deep Fryer

New Camera courtesy of CSN Stores and Marley

10:09 PM

Last weekend I received an offer from Marley, promoteam from CSN Stores. I did the reviews right away and she combined all the codes so I can enjoy my shopping spree. It was Monday when I got the codes and directly checked CSN Stores so I can start with my shopping spree. Friday that week, my camera died on me so I searched if CSN Stores have camera. And they did, in fact they have almost everything. With 200+ unique sites online of course it's expected that they have everything. Anyhow, I shopped for camera and deep fryer on Monday and my ordered arrived the next day. Pretty fast delivery eh. I was impressed. Do you know how much I paid for that shopping? Well, $6 only yo. The total exceeded that is why I paid $6 dollars. Oh I love CSN Stores and their promoteam Marley. Thank you so very much.

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