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The first year since I arrived here in the US, I used land line phone to call my family back home. I just had to watch the minutes I consumed otherwise we ended up with huge phone bills. Then we moved to a new apartment which had bad telephone wiring connection so we decided to cut our land line phone connection. We used cellphone now and buy $5 worth of calling card whenever i want to call my family. We also chat online if they had time to go to their nearest internet cafe. When my sister from Las Vegas went home last year and left her computer to my sister, we started using video chat. In that way we don't have to spend money for the call and they can also see the kids. I think some businesses and company uses internet too when they do conference. Others use Conference calls during meetings which saves them money and have a clear conversation. For more information regarding this low rates conference call and money saving rates, then go to Zip Conferencing now and sign up to create your free account.

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