Wrong Item

10:47 PM

I went shopping at Overstock using the gift card that i redeemed from Swagbucks. The item arrived yesterday. I opened it excitedly just to get disappointed with what's inside the box. I shopped a Calvin Klein Performace Women's Basic Micro Warm-ups but the item inside the box was a glove. The invoice attached was right and contains the name of item that i bought. But the item arrived inside the box was totally different.

I went to their website to contact the customer service. Good thing one of the representative was online and able to handle my complain. I just received an email tonight saying that my order is being shipped. However, I still have to wait for the paper that i need to attach in the box in returning this item. I hope they won't let me pay with the shipping otherwise i won't mail it right away. There is always a first on everything. I don't like returning orders that i shopped but this one is a different story. Holiday is a busy day and that is why they misplace and rambled their ordered items.

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