New Year, New Look, & New Complain

6:08 PM

How was your New Year went so far peepz? It was alright here in our end. Popped one of these champagne bottle and got drunk. I was also busy tweaking (not professionally tweaking) as I changed the color for this template. I found a cool free template from Freyja Silver Blog Designs. I just made some changes with the color numbers in the template and that was it. This blog had been changing look twice this year already as I haven't get the right custom layout for this one. For now, Im enjoying the new look until i get tired of it and hopefully by the time i get tired with this color and layout, the custom blog layout will be ready to use. Anyhow, I encountered problem again with Overstock today aside from the previous problem which was the wrong item they sent when I was shopping after Christmas. So, the Christmas gift that I shopped before Christmas time which was supposed to be delivered on the 24th of December happened to be MIA. I tracked the shipping and it said they can't track the item so i disregard it hoping it will arrived after Christmas. Now I asked badingding if they got the package and she said they never got it. I chatted to the customer service tonight and assured me to refund the money and trace the item. Well, i've been waiting for email because until now I still haven't get any refund email yet. Ohhh boy, I like shopping at Overstock but with this recent problem i experienced with their site and store it's discouraging.

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