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Stamps For The Name

6:53 PM

The last time I used custom rubber stamps was when I was still teaching. We had quarterly grading period and we issued report card to the parents to see how their kids doing in the class. It also help them to improve their grades in the next quarter by doing better in class. By the end of the school year or semester we have to signed the report card and permanent forms. The principal have to sign these forms for authenticity also. Writing our name and signature in that 50 pieces of report cards plus forms is a tiring job. So, in order to minimize our work we used rubber stamps for our names and dates. Then, after reading the grades and forms to make sure it coincide we signed it up by putting our signature and bring it to the principal's office for the final signature before giving it to the students. Using the rubber stamps was not just fast and easy but fun as well.

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