Lytess Corrective Slimming Duo Belt Shapewear Shaper

Lytess Corrective Slimming Duo Belt Shapewear Shaper

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I used not to mind getting fat until one day I saw my photo last Christmas and saw the fat in my abdomen. It was hideous and when I posted it in Facebook most of friends thought I was prego. Oh my, i need to shed some fats and get rid of this disgusting fats. I heard about the post pregnancy belt or something, which used by lots of moms to get back their before pregnancy body. So I searched it online I found one at ebay which a bit pricey than I thought. It's called Lytess Corrective Slimming Duo Belt Shapewear Shaper from seller store Style 101 USA. A brand-new, unused, and unworn item in the original packaging with the original tags attached. I wasn't thinking right and so desperate to have one of this slimming belt. My impulsive shopper attitude strike again and bought the item for $49.95. After the checkout process i saw a other related items for $5 waaaaa. This better be good or I'll regret buying it for the rest of fat life. I have to work this thing out by hook or by crook.

Item Description...

-Lytess Corrective Slimming Duo Belt with Free Gift-

Microencapsulated fat-mobilizing caffeine and hydrating shea butter woven into the workout-friendly fabric, which release as it rubs against your skin for all-day slimming and softening.

The Lytess® Bike Short / Body Shaper / Corrective Belt is revolutionary! Made of fibers imbeddeded with caffeine and shea butter microcapsules, their slimming action is released by the friction of ordinary motion. Simply take a walk or perform everyday activities while you wear your Lytess® Slimming Bike Shorts / Body Shaper / Corrective Belt, Panty Push Up progressively break microcapsules triggering their slimming action simultaneously on hips, thighs and buttocks. Caffeine is well known for its ability to mobilize fats. Shea butter is recognized for its moisturizing and emollient properties.

For best result, wear them for about 8 hours a day, but not when you’re sleeping.

* Most Lytess garments have been clinically tested by an independent laboratory, certified ISO 9001
* Lytess garments keep their active ingredients between 20 and 30 washes. Once the ingredients became inactive, you can also wear them as a regular shapewear that does not have a slimming function.
* Hand wash is recommended for better result.
Don’t just Look Slimmer, Be Slimmer!

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