iPhone 4

7:37 PM

Check this out! A new and improved iPhone - the Apple iphone 4. It has more awesome features including;

* 16GB of memory
* FaceTime: Video calling
* 326 pixels per inch: highest resolution on any iPhone
* HD video recording and editing with built-in LED light
* 5MP camera with built-in LED flash
* Built-in noise suppression
* Bluetooth

Isn't it the coolest? This is way better than the previous iPhones as it take high-resolution images and has four times the pixel count. This is convenient to use, more powerful and provide multi-tasking features. You can do plenty of fun activities in one setting. If you want to read review and compare rate plans then, go to www.thesource.ca or click on the link provided to check out their catalog online. You got to have this peeps and let your friends drool with your latest iPhone. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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