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10:45 AM

Last Christmas, the author of Smart Mommy was very smart to came up with great bloghop parade that would help bloggers to get visitor on holiday and share their Christmas celebration. At the last minute she decided to gave out cash prizes to blogs that get the most comments on their entry. Luckily, I was one of the many bloggers who participated the said blog parade and won $10. Thanks a million marz Willa.

Another giveaway i entered before the year ended was from tsang Dhemz. I was surprised to received the package after New Year. This item is very useful as you could boost your signal by using one of this. You can Read the Review here for better understanding. You sure will need one of this Cell Ranger Stix Signal Booster that being sold at Repeater Store. Thank you so much tsang for this. I wonder if i could use it too in the Philippines since our place back there won't get much signal because of its location.

Well, have fun blogging everyone and don't forget to leave comments to all the blogs you come across because who knows there are prizes attach to it hehehe.

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